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Seis conceptos que definen la filosofía de nuestro hotel rural: sostenibilidad, solidaridad, turismo para todos, casa sana, calidad y diseño.

El Refugio de Cristal - Exterior


We have developed a series of actions to ensure that the activity resulting from the exploitation of the rural house is as sustainable as possible, for this we have made a special emphasis on.

Renewable energy:

1. Solar thermal energy. The 16 m2 of thermal collectors allow to cover the needs of hot water by more than 70%, avoiding the emission of 13.62 tons. From CO2 to the atmosphere.

2. Biomass. The Biomass boiler, from the well-known Calordom company, feeds on crushed olive bone, which is stored in a silo with a capacity of 10m3.

This system provides great advantages such as the neutral balance in CO2 emissions, the elimination of fossil fuels (approximately 5,000 liters of diesel per year) and the development aid in the area, since the fuel comes from local farms.

Resource management:

1. Water We store and reuse rainwater, the water in the showers is used to fill the toilets and we use aerators in the faucets.

2. Energy The orientation of the house and materials optimize the use of solar energy, household appliances and evaporative water cooling are low consumption.

3. Waste. The total oxidation treatment eliminates waste by more than 95%, we also classify the waste according to its origin.

4. Products. We buy bulk products, (whenever possible), we eliminate the individual containers in the bathrooms, replacing them with dispensers and the paper and brochures elaboration of the house is with recycled paper.


“Fight for a Fair World Glass Balance Association”, we also donate 0.5% and promote the dissemination of your projects among clients.

Tourism for all

Accessible and adapted. The common areas are accessible and we have a room adapted to people with some physical disability or with reduced mobility. In turn, we provide information on accessible activities in the area, both of nature and cultural.

Free of smoke, in all interior spaces smoking is prohibited.

Adapted kitchen. We have paid special attention to people with intolerances (gluten, lactose …), and food allergies (egg, nuts …), hypertensive and diabetic people, adapting meals so that they can taste reliably and guarantee exquisite dishes of the cuisine of La Mancha.

El Refugio de Cristal - Exterior

Healthy home

There are houses where one feels better, rests at night, but in others you can not sleep, you feel tired … all these conditions without apparent explanation are studied by Geobiology, which studies the relationships between living beings and his or her environment.

After carrying out a geobiological study of the land, we have located the construction of the rural house in an area free of underground water currents, faults or terrestrial disturbances (electromagnetic alterations, natural radioactivity of the land …)

Special attention has been paid to the interior electrical installation, where spotlights, plugs and electrical appliances are located away from the rest areas, especially those near the head of the beds.

The interior distribution of the house favors the natural cross ventilation, the evaporative air conditioning system of the water provide the ideal humidity level to avoid skin and throat irritations and respiratory problems that many people suffer in dry environments (allergies, asthma, … )

Also in the construction, we have replaced the plastic insulators, used the vast majority of current housing by natural cork, natural, ecological, healthy material and with better thermal insulation behavior and breathability.


Classification of 3 ears. The highest rating granted by the Board of Communities of Castilla La Mancha according to Decree 93/2006.


El Refugio de Cristal - Piscina


Externally, its glass facade reflects the surrounding landscape, this coupled with the use of ocher tones, achieves the integration of the house with the environment.

Inside, the simple and natural finishes, as well as the furniture with simple lines and flat colors, do not detract from the rural environment, which is appreciated in all its splendor thanks to the large glass surfaces, thus dissolving the external limits. interior and definitely involves people with the landscape.

All rooms of the accommodation have classic pieces of contemporary design.

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